Bench for powerlifting $585

Professional bench for biggest bench press KASAT

Design of best bench for bench press is designed with the aid of extra class bench press athletes. There are no superfluous details and erroneous dimensions. All the most convenient, reliable and has a wide safety margin. This powerlifting bench equipment is really convenient and secure for powerlifting. Ergonomics pay close attention as to maximize the balance every detail matters. This is high altitude platform for insurance for removing large weights, and oval at the racks, not to shoot down the arm, and rolls at racks for simple centering of a bar with big weight. Especially important is the presence of strong safety-stops with a smooth rise in the head to protect it. The biggest platform for assistent!

  • Knock-down design for easy assembly and transport
  • Original modern design
  • Rollers in racks
  • Removable and adjustable safety racks
  • the correct form of protective arms
  • jack levers
  • Folding top posts — accommodates any size lifter
  • Removable bench with firm padding
    Large base plate provides solid support. Height is adjustable in fine increments 50mm.

The magnificent, no analogues coverage of the best bench for bench press! Adhesion is amazing, gray is not as polluted magnesia as the usual black.
Frame of the bench welded from heavy steel. The thickness of the steel in racks is 5 mm. Bar is lying on rollers. Stuffing bench in a measure stiff, perforated adhesive to the back coverage. The basic color of the frame — antique silver, gray, red. Available optional installation of overlays onto the platform to protect against wear. Dimensions comply with the competition rules of powerlifting federations. Weight 90 kg. Width of the bench is 30 cm, length 130 cm, height 45 cm. Bench for bench press buy.


Price  — $585 

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